• asterandbloom

Glasshouse fragrance breakdown!

Hi friends,

I have had a couple of requests for a bit of a fragrance breakdown for the Glasshouse candles!

As I don't have a physical shop where you can come to sniff them, I thought I would run through them for ya!

So here we go:

Kyoto In Bloom - Camellia & Lotus

Top Notes: Fresh lime, Bergamot, Citrus 

Middle Notes: Camellia and Lotus

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk,Vanilla 

This is Glasshouse's 2nd best seller and there's a good reason for it! It may sound super floral, but it's got a slight masculine touch to it which I LOVE. It smells like a perfume that you'd smell someone wearing and NEED to know what it is.

Overall: Floral, Musky, Fresh

A Tahaa Affair - Vanilla Caramel

Top Notes: Pineapple 

Middle Notes: Coconut Fruity

Base Notes: Caramel and Vanilla 

Okay so have you ever been into Peter Alexander and been like WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! Chances are very high that it's this!

It smells like vanilla cookies baking in the oven, and is Glasshouse's top selling candles. It's a personal fave of mine as you can just have it sitting without even burning and your room will smell delicious! Quite a feminine scent (but I am sure the dudes will appreciate it!)

Tango in Barcelona - Tuberose and Plum

Top Notes: Apricot, Plum, Coconut 

Middle Notes: Tuberose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Brazilian Rosewood, Caraway

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Almond, Vanilla, Musk 

This is a new fave for me! It is super fresh and fruity with just a hint of floral. It reminds me of a fresh spring day, and can personally vouch for it making your house smell incredible. I think it's super universal so perfect for a gift!