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What goes into a wedding?

It's your wedding day, the florist turns up with your beautiful bouquets, the venue is set up, the guys have their buttonholes, all sorted!

What isn't seen is what goes on behind the scenes, in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the big day.

So I thought I would shed a little bit of light on exactly what we do during the build up to a wedding/event!

1 year out:

-Bookings generally start coming in a year or so in advance, and that is when the planning begins!

When a bride & groom initially get in contact, some basic details are taken (date, venue, what they require, if they have any images or inspiration of what they have in mind).

From there, an outline of pricing is sent through from our end to give the couple a ballpark budget. This is relatively standard and is customised later on.

-Once happy with the pricing outlined, a proper quote is put together. This is based on scale, if there are any specific flower requirements (touch on that later!), and whether travel is required.

Once a basic quote is accepted, a deposit is paid and that is when the research and planning kicks in!

Every wedding requires a budget and a moodboard - this is what we base our ordering on and helps us ensure we cover all of the bases!

The moodboard is created to summarise the style we are going for, the colour theme, and anything we are taking inspiration from (from both us and the bride and groom).

We use this as a reference point through out the planning!

Example below:

We start by establishing some key flowers we want to use in the arrangements - for example, in November this may be peonies, February this may be dahlias etc etc.

If the bride has requested a specific flower, we make sure that is the first to be organised. We try to only use what is in season, and are focusing on using locally grown flowers.

Some flowers are not available full stop (eg. you can't have dahlias in winter!), so we do our best to find an alternative.

An estimate of how many of each flower we will need for each arrangement is done, and this can take some time!

We don't want to under order, but we don't want to over order and have wastage!

All the 'base' flowers are pre-ordered up to 6 months in advance. Reason being, flowers are a natural product (obviously!), and there is only so much to go around! Around 70% of the product we use is pre ordered, and the rest is left to what is available at the time, as you can get some goodies by chance!

The popular roses can sell out during wedding season, so pre-ordering is essential to get what we need!

This planning and ordering process can take a few days, and sometimes a lot of toing and froing is done between us and the suppliers (we can be in contact with up to 10+!).

With the flowers ordered, we figure out the logistics of the arrangements - this could be how to attach a garland from a wall, what we need to construct the archway etc!

This usually requires a few trips to Mitre 10, and lots of scribbly drawings and calculations!

The orders are done, logistics are figured out, and up until a week or so before the wedding we are talking to suppliers, talking to vendors and organising timing with the venue.