This succulent is a great addition to your collection! The leaves look like dolphins that trail down thin stems. In the fall, watch for white blossoms that smell like cinnamon. It looks great spilling from a hanging basket or cascading from a shelf.



Light levels: The string of dolphins is a succulent plant so it loves high levels of bright light but shouldn’t be exposed to direct sun in the summer months.

Watering: Test the moisture levels of the soil before watering, if it’s dry beneath the top few centimetres then allow it to dry out further but be sure to water thoroughly when necessary. Reduce the frequency of watering throughout the winter months. The plant is drought tolerant as it holds a lot of moisture in its fleshy leaves.

Climate: Like most succulents, the string of fish hooks thrives in a dry and warm climate, perfectly suited to indoor conditions.

Feeding: Fertilising once in the spring growth period can be beneficial.

Growth: This plant can grow incredibly long. You can achieve a more dense and bushy plant through pruning back the long strands.

Toxicity: This plant is mildly poisonous if ingested so it is important to keep it away from children and pets.

Care: The most common problem with this plant is that it can be very prone to root rot so be sure to avoid overwatering.


Please note - plant pictured is an example of what you will recieve, not the exact plant. Plant comes in a 14cm black nursery pot.

String of Dolphins - 14cm Pot


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