Spathiphyllum Sensation Variegata

  • A brand new variety of the classic Peace Lily, with beautiful variegation.

    Light levels: This lush plant thrives in high levels of bright indirect sunlight

    Watering: It’s important to ensure that this plant has a well-draining pot as it won’t respond well to being left sitting in water. It’s best for the soil to be kept moist at all times and to allow the top few centimetres to dry out before rewatering. 

    Climate: The peace lily prefers to be in average indoor temperatures of around 18-24 degrees however it can tolerate lower temperatures as well.

    Feeding: Throughout the growing season, apply a slow release liquid fertiliser every fortnight. 

    Growth: Peace lilies have a moderate growth rate and generally reach up to around 50cm in height

    Air care: This plant variety is one of the best at detoxifying the air in any space.

    Toxicity: If ingested, this plant is deemed as being mildly toxic.

    Care: It is best to wipe the leaves with a soft damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust.

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