Sansaveria (Snake Plant)

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  • Sansevieria (Snake Plants) are extremely sturdy and resilient houseplants. The worst thing you can do is over-water them, they cope much better with neglect!

    Light levels: A relatively hardy plant which appreciates moderate to high levels of sunlight to thrive but can adjust to lower light as well.

    Watering: Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Be sure to water thoroughly and allow to drain freely. Avoid letting the plant sit in water as this may cause root rot.

    Feeding: During the Spring/Summer grwoing season use a weak all-purpose liquid fertiliser once per month. Sanseveria are low maintenance plants which don't require a lot of feeding.

    Growth: This striking plants grows at a slow-moderate speed but can reach up to one metre in height.

    Toxicity: This plant is considered to be mildy toxic if ingested so it's best to keep it out of reach of pets and children.

    Air Purifying: a great plant to have in the home to eliminate airborne toxins.

    PLEASE NOTE - the image is not the exact plant you will recieve - we do our best to represent the plant chosen as best as we can, but as anything natural, they will vary!

    It is normal for the plant to shed a couple of leaves during shipping - we package VERY carefully but it is a delicate product so please keep that in mind.

    Nursery pot size: 14cm

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