This Philodendron has wonderfully delicate leaves and deep purple stems. The new growth unfurls into delicate deep burgundy coloured leaves. can grow to astonishing lengths, either supported as a climber or left trailing from a hanging basket or shelf.


Light/Position: Bright/ indirect light is best can tolerate lower light areas.

Water: Keep the soil moist during Spring/Summer and reduce in Winter allowing the top 1-2" of soil to dry out between watering.

Temp/Humidity: Thrives in warmer temperatures and higher humidity.

Fertilizer: During Spring/Summer.

Height/Size: Grows like a vine, can be trained to climb a pole.

Toxicity:  Toxic to humans and pets.

Philodendron Royal Queen - 17cm pot with Moss Pole

  • Comes in a 17cm black nursery pot and includes a moss pole (pictured). To add a decorative pot - click here!

    Please note - your plant will not be the exact plant pictured, but will be from the same batch, so variation will occur

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