Marble Queen Large

  • Something to note: All pictures are of the same plant - it can be left to trail or wound up into the pot for a bushier plant.

    The Marble Queen (Epipremnum aureum) also known as the Marble Queen Pothos or Devils Ivy Plant. It absolutely wins your heart if you are after a trailing plant with a variegated look. Being a vine type plant it has the ability to be trained to grow around wire or poles, allowing you to add your own personal creative touch. 


    • Habitat: To keep your plant looking full and bushy the occasional trim of the vine is required.
    • Light: Requires medium to bright, indirect light, to maintain the defined variegated swirls.
    • Water: Let soil dry completely during winter, but remain partially damp during summer/spring.
    • Soil: A well draining potting mix is recommended. 
    • Fertiliser: Every six months with a general indoor plant fertiliser. 

    PLEASE NOTE - the image is not the exact plant you will recieve - we do our best to represent the plant chosen as best as we can, but as anything natural, they will vary!

    It is normal for the plant to shed a couple of leaves during shipping - we package VERY carefully but it is a delicate product so please keep that in mind.

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