Golden Pothos - Scindapsus Aureum

  • Golden Pothos is a lovely climbing vine with green heart shaped leaves that are flecked with yellow.  It is super easy to care for and fast growing.

    This is a plant with many names including Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant, Epipremnum Aureum and Scindapsus aureum.

    Light levels: Prefers moderate levels of light.

    Watering: Its best to water this plant variety when the soil is slightly dry, be careful not to overwater as this can be very detrimental, they’re better off on the drier side. 

    Climate: This plant is happy in average indoor temperatures ranging from 10-24 degrees.

    Feeding: During the summer months you can feed the Golden Pothos with a weak solution of general-purpose plant fertiliser.

    Growth: This is a relatively fast-growing plant which has hanging stems that you can either let grow downward or you can train them to grow as a climber. They can grow to be incredibly long, anywhere up to 20 metres in length!

    Air care: This is a great addition to any space to help eradicate any airborne toxins.

    Toxicity: The Pothos is considered to be toxic if ingested so it is advisable to keep it out of reach of children and pets. 

    Care: If you want a bushier plant you can pinch out the tips of the stems.

    PLEASE NOTE - the image is not the exact plant you will recieve - we do our best to represent the plant chosen as best as we can, but as anything natural, they will vary!

    It is normal for the plant to shed a couple of leaves during shipping - we package VERY carefully but it is a delicate product so please keep that in mind.

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