Not a very well known type of fig, large leaves a little like rubber plant have wonderfully elegant pale green veins that show up beautifully against the dark green of the leaf. Not difficult to look after and is a great choice if you are looking for something a little more unusual.

In the wild throughout India these trees can reach astonishing sizes, and are one on the largest trees in the world! Don't worry though it will take a while at home.


Watering needs: Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering. Stick your finger into the potting mix about an inch and if it feels dry, water. Always water thoroughly until the water runs from the bottom drain holes. Increase humidity for lushness. 


Lighting needs: Similar to most Ficus trees, this prefers a spot where it will receive plenty of bright, indirect light. This plant will not tolerate long periods of direct sun or low light conditions.

Ficus Benghalensis

  • Comes in a 14cm black nursery pot (pictured). To add a decorative pot - click here!

    Please note - your plant will not be the exact plant pictured, but will be from the same batch. Variation in leaf size, and plant height is to be expected. 

    Plant is approx. 70cm tall including pot

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