Asplenium Nidus or Bird's Nest Fern - This popular fern forms a crown of glossy, bright green leaves which resembles a bird's nest. 



  • Light: only medium light levels are needed for the Bird's Nest Fern to do well and if this can be at a consistent level over the day that's even better. 
  • Water: In addition to light, another important aspect of bird’s nest fern care is its watering. Under ideal circumstances, all ferns would like to have consistently moist, but not wet, soil. However, part of the reason that bird’s nest fern makes an ideal houseplant is that it will tolerate soil that dries out from time to time.
  • Temperature: Cool to average warmth is what you want to provide here. This is one of the few houseplants which can struggle in really warm rooms, so it might not be the best choice for a hot living room, snug or next to a radiator or open fire. A temperature within the following range is needed for it to do well, 10°C - 22°C.

  • Fertiliser: The Bird's Nest is not very fussy when it comes fertilising (providing you don't over do it), but over a long period the leaves will dull and growth will come to a halt if you never provide any feed. It's best therefore to either feed very weakly once a month or so when in active growth.


Please note - pictured plant is an example of what you will recieve, not the exact plant. 

Asplenium Nidus Avis - Birds Nest Fern 12cm Pot


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